Behind the Puppy Care!
  • Each puppy is weighed and checked over daily, and I keep written records of each one as they grow to make sure they are eating and growing properly. 
  • ENS ( Early Neurological Stimulation) is done for 2 consecutive weeks starting 3 days after the puppies are born. The process consists of 5 simple and harmless exercises, which are: tactile stimulation, lying in the supine position, held with head held up, tilted upside down, and thermal stimulation.
  • Puppies are given ample room to play with a wide variety of engaging toys.
  • Nail care is started at 2-3 weeks using a small file so that Bella is not scratched up by their nails while they nurse, and so that puppies grow accustomed to nail clipping and care. 
  • We keep the puppies' dewclaws as they help support their front feet and prevent damage to the tendons in their lower legs. Check here for more information!
  • Puppies have started getting baths weekly now that they are big enough! 
  • Puppies will be brought to the vet for their first check-up at 8 weeks!