Previous Litters

Previous Litters

Blue: He started out as the smallest pup of the litter, but quickly grew to be as large and heavy as Tan was! He is the only black and white puppy out of the group. Blue is very calm and gentle, and loved to snuggle up with us while he was waiting for his forever home. We are so happy that Blue, aka Morty, ended up in his forever home!

Pink: She was one of the 3 girls in the litter, and has a beautiful brindle and white coat. She was very playful and energetic, and loved to play with the other puppies! She was adopted into a home with 2 other dogs, and Lulu and her brothers are inseparable!

Purple: Luna` was scooped up by her forever family and is doing well; She had a very calm personality, and loved to cuddle up in our shirts to take nice warm naps!

Red: Red was the only chocolate and white pup out of the entire group! What a unique color to come through out of Brutus and Bella! She made her presence very known when it came to playtime! She was very rambunctious and sassy and loves to run with the crazy zoomies! We are so happy that Kona went to our cousins, so that we can see her during family visits!

Tan: The biggest of the group, we nicknamed him 'Tank' before he went to his new family and was named Gordy! He was 100% the sweetest of the group; he protects his baby hoomans in his home and is snuggled up by the baby constantly.