The number one question I get is pricing on my puppies. Below is what is included in my pricing once you qualify as one of my puppy pawrents.

- Every puppy is loved and raised in my home making sure they have lots of handling.
- Puppies are wormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks.
- age appropriate vaccinations are given at 6 weeks and again at 9 weeks old at pick up.
(should you qualify to take puppy home at 8 weeks, you can return for me to do 9 week vaccination if you are local - no charge)
-ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) training starts at day 3 and goes until day 16. I swear by the benefits of doing this. (below videos explain benefits - I do not own any rights to these videos)
-nail care begins at one week of age, beginning this early protects siblings and mama from scratches and also prepares your puppy to be calm puppies for life when it comes to trimming nails. (imagine having to walk on your toenails! nail care is imperative)
-Puppies will be introduced to bathing after the second week when needed. Puppy packs contain a sample of the puppy shampoo I use (this can be found on Amazon)
-At 3 weeks old, puppies start potty training, I've had so much success starting this early!
-Once puppies have eyes open and are moving around, I build a sensory gym to introduce them to all sorts of sounds, textures, and sights to help with confidence.
-Once they have their first round of shots at 6 weeks, I will introduce them to the outdoors for
more environmental stimulation and exploration (They are allowed to play on my deck when weather permits before then.)
-Puppies are with Mom for the first few weeks, and then Dad when she allows it.
-I sleep within 15 feet of puppies from day 1 to day 14 to monitor any concerning activity.
-Puppies receive Vet checks at 8 weeks old
-At vet check, puppies are microchipped and given the bordetella vaccination; this vaccination protects them against kennel cough for a year. By having this vaccination, your puppy is protected from other dogs and can attend training classes or puppy daycare ;)

-Puppies are sent home with detailed growth charts and vaccination records.
-You will receive pictures of your growing puppy, videos and even live chats if you wish. If you are local, I will also allow visits in my home as my schedule allows.
-Puppy packs are sent home with each puppy that includes over $200.00 worth of toys, food, treats, shampoo and homemade blanket that smells like Mom and siblings.
-Puppy packs also include helpful literature about caring for your puppy, Do's and Don'ts and a sensory check off list, to name a few.
-Puppies are registered with the International Olde English Bulldogge Association (IOEBA)

Pricing on puppies starts at $3,000.00. A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a puppy.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I encourage you to visit my testimonials section of my website and on google and facebook left by previous owners of my pups.
Each puppy is special to me and I dedicate myself on raising the best puppies possible.

once puppies are 6 weeks of age and have received their first round of vaccinations, I absolutely encourage  you to come visit and bond with your puppy. I know this isn't always possible for those not local. To help with this, I am happy to video chat with you and your puppy!

Deposits are non-refundable to protect me and the puppies as well as potential puppy families. Puppies are considered available until a deposit is placed and contract signed. This also protects you, knowing your puppy will be reserved for you!
If for any reason my puppy is not of sound quality during the 8 week Vet Health Check, this deposit will be returned.

The answer is YES!! I do deliver my puppies if you prefer! I have driven across the country and if time allows can do that or fly. All traveling expenses are the responsibility of the buyer. I charge exact traveling expenses and time away from work if needed. My puppies are my babies and I do not "ship" them.