Puppies Arrived May 13th!
Only 4 Available! 2 Males / 2 Females

Interested in your perfect pup? Email bnbbulldogges@gmail.com or text: 715-579-5061
IOEBA Registered Breeder for
Olde English Bulldogges

Welcome Home!

Welcome Home!

Take a look at the furever families for these cute puppies!

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Behind the Puppy Care!

Behind the Puppy Care!

It is so important to me that mama feels safe and secure before/during and after whelping. The whelping box is ample size with "pig rails" so that Bindi does not accidentally lay on any of the babies, and we have placed a heating pad beneath the top layer and a heat lamp above so the puppies do not get cold! I also have raised textures beneath the top layer to try and prevent splayed swimmer legs! (I have not had any issues with this) by having the texture under, there is no risk of puppies being suffocated in the blankets. I sleep within 5 feet of mama and puppies for the first 2 weeks of life! Puppies are sent to their new homes with food, leash, collar, lots of toys and a homemade blanket with Mom's smell! They all will go through ENS training from days 3-16; studies show ENS training makes puppies much smarter and healthier! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ja6E4xa-6Hs&t=295s

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Previous Litters

Previous Litters

Bella blessed us with 4 healthy litters and is now retired and being spoiled. I love that out of the 24 puppies that were placed with Bella, I am in contact with most of them. Each puppy is special to me and if you are willing; I LOVE getting updated pictures and visits!

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The number one question I get is pricing on my puppies. Below is what is included in my pricing once you qualify as one of my puppy pawrents.

- Every puppy is loved and raised in my home making sure they have lots of handling.
- Puppies are wormed at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks.
- age appropriate vaccinations are given at 6 weeks and again at 9 weeks old at pick up.
(should you qualify to take puppy home at 8 weeks, you can return for me to do 9 week vaccination if you are local - no charge)
-ENS (Early Neurological Stimulation) training starts at day 3 and goes until day 16. I swear by the benefits of doing this. (below videos explain benefits - I do not own any rights to these videos)
-nail care begins at one week of age, beginning this early protects siblings and mama from scratches and also prepares your puppy to be calm puppies for life when it comes to trimming nails. (imagine having to walk on your toenails! nail care is imperative)
-Puppies will be introduced to bathing after the second week when needed. Puppy packs contain a sample of the puppy shampoo I use (this can be found on Amazon)
-At 3 weeks old, puppies start potty training, I've had so much success starting this early!
-Once puppies have eyes open and are moving around, I build a sensory gym to introduce them to all sorts of sounds, textures, and sights to help with confidence.
-Once they have their first round of shots at 6 weeks, I will introduce them to the outdoors for
more environmental stimulation and exploration (They are allowed to play on my deck when weather permits before then.)
-Puppies are with Mom for the first few weeks, and then Dad when she allows it.
-I sleep within 15 feet of puppies from day 1 to day 14 to monitor any concerning activity.
-Puppies receive Vet checks at 8 weeks old
-At vet check, puppies are microchipped and given the bordetella vaccination; this vaccination protects them against kennel cough for a year. By having this vaccination, your puppy is protected from other dogs and can attend training classes or puppy daycare ;)

-Puppies are sent home with detailed growth charts and vaccination records.
-You will receive pictures of your growing puppy, videos and even live chats if you wish. If you are local, I will also allow visits in my home as my schedule allows.
-Puppy packs are sent home with each puppy that includes over $200.00 worth of toys, food, treats, shampoo and homemade blanket that smells like Mom and siblings.
-Puppy packs also include helpful literature about caring for your puppy, Do's and Don'ts and a sensory check off list, to name a few.
-Puppies are registered with the International Olde English Bulldogge Association (IOEBA)

Pricing on puppies starts at $3,000.00. A $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a puppy.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I encourage you to visit my testimonials section of my website and on google and facebook left by previous owners of my pups.
Each puppy is special to me and I dedicate myself on raising the best puppies possible.

once puppies are 6 weeks of age and have received their first round of vaccinations, I absolutely encourage  you to come visit and bond with your puppy. I know this isn't always possible for those not local. To help with this, I am happy to video chat with you and your puppy!

Deposits are non-refundable to protect me and the puppies as well as potential puppy families. Puppies are considered available until a deposit is placed and contract signed. This also protects you, knowing your puppy will be reserved for you!
If for any reason my puppy is not of sound quality during the 8 week Vet Health Check, this deposit will be returned.

The answer is YES!! I do deliver my puppies if you prefer! I have driven across the country and if time allows can do that or fly. All traveling expenses are the responsibility of the buyer. I charge exact traveling expenses and time away from work if needed. My puppies are my babies and I do not "ship" them.
     Our family is very happy to have two B &B  Bulldogges, Dodge & Daisy. They are siblings from a Bella and Brutus litter born June 2020.  We found a litter announcement for B & B Bulldogges on the I.O.E.B.A. website and were immediately impressed with Amber.  She made us feel comfortable right away; we knew that she was a very professional breeder who was truly taking great care to ensure that the puppies she was producing would be healthy, happy, socialized and well adjusted.  
     When we picked up our puppies, we were invited into her home and we could see just how well Amber’s dogs are cared for.  She sent us home with everything we could possibly need to ensure Dodge and Daisy would be comfortable making the transition.  She has also stayed in touch with us to offer support and answer questions and to exchange photos of the pups so she can watch them grow.
     Thank you B & B Bulldogges for our new family members! 


     Adding another dog to your family is a big decision. Do you rescue? Do you get a puppy? What's the best thing for your family? In our case, we've done both and knew a puppy was the way to go. I came across a shared post from a friend on Facebook. I listed my questions and pressed send. Within minutes, I was talking to Amber with B & B Bulldogges. We went back and forth for a good hour. Amber was patient with all of my questions and kind with all her responses.
     Over the next few days, I was getting pictures and videos of all the puppies. I analyzed every one of them. Not just looking at the puppies, but the area they were in, the beds they slept in, the bowls they ate in, the toys they played with. I wanted to make sure our little Lulu had a great start in life. It didn't take very long to see that Lulu, along with every animal in that house, was BEYOND loved. Amber cared for each puppy like they were her own children. With snuggles and playtime and one-on-one attention, there wasn't a doubt in my mind that we were making the right choice.
     Not only did we have to make sure this was the right decision for us, Amber had to make sure we were the right family for one of her puppies. That made me feel so much better. It wasn't just about the money for her. Another reason to love this breeder. From the pictures to the videos to the description of each puppies' personalities. We chose 'pink' and set up a time and day. Amber continued to send me pictures and videos of not only our baby girl but all the dogs, including mom and dad. We fell in love with Bella and Brutus too!
     Upon pick up of Lulu, we were given very detailed information; from the food she ate, to the shots she received, to what her weekly weight was, to the nail clipping days. We've gotten puppies from breeders before, but never dealt with one like Amber. Truly an amazing woman with a huge heart and love for her animals. 
The last few weeks with Lulu have been a complete joy. She has blended right into our family of 6 and now 3 dogs. I've been in contact with Amber since we picked up Lulu. She loves to get pictures of her and to see how her girl is doing. I will forever refer friends and family to B & B Bulldogges. Because when dealing with Amber, you know you're getting a puppy who has been loved from the very beginning." -Colleen G.

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We were looking for an olde English bulldogge and we were referred to Amber by a friend. Amber was great, very patient, and matched the right pup for us. Her dogs are so well mannered and gentle, and the process was so perfect, we could not recommend her more. Thanks again Amber!" ~Kerry S

~ ~ ~

     My experience with B&B Bulldogges was GREAT! From the first text I sent out inquiring about their available pups, all the way up until now.
I was looking to get an English Bulldog as a Christmas present for my 2 year old little girl. Last minute decision. I decided on getting an olde; not my first, by the way. I'm glad I did! I drove 4 hours north with my family to pick up our pup from B&B Bulldogges ...met Amber and our puppy Gordy Tank at her home. I got to see the puppies' parents (they're awesome!).
Gordy has been a great addition to our family. He has an amazing temperament; he is a fun, loving, friendly, and playful pup. We took him to our vet, where everyone loves him, and since the day we got him, my two kids love him. I would absolutely buy another olde from B&B Bulldogges, thank you for Gordy and your continued friendship. 


     If you are going to buy a puppy...rather than adopt, find someone like Amber from B&B Bulldogges. We met our daughter at Amber's home for emotional support when she decided to get her first puppy. What I saw, is that Amber loves her bulldogges and puppies.
They are born into a loving environment, and she takes great care in raising the puppies to be part of someone else's family. The puppies were very outgoing and playful, and also very snuggly! The parents were very friendly and beautiful.
     Amber sends the puppies off with new owners, ready to be loved, well adjusted, playful, ready to be cared for. The puppy did not cry on her first night away from her family. How is that possible?? I am pleased to have met Amber and glad to have seen the best way to bring puppies into the world for people who want bulldogges in their family.  -Joe R.


     I am a recent customer and have had Winnie (Sage) for 2 weeks now,  and I would like to submit my following message as a testimonial:
I recently brought home my first puppy, Winnie, from Brutus and Bella's January 2021 litter, and felt I must share my experience with anyone thinking about purchasing a puppy from B&B Bulldogges. In short, I could not have imagined a better first-time puppy buying experience. I grew up with an olde english bulldogge and saw myself owning one someday because of how great she was. I reached out to Amber to get to know her business and gauge her litter availability for the next year in preparation for the purchase of my first puppy. She informed me that a few pups from her current litter were still looking for homes and the rest is history....a week later I brought home Winnie! 
     The process was fast... and the only reason I felt comfortable with it, is because of how amazing Amber is. The love she has for her puppies shows through all of the work she puts into preparing them to go home to new families. From sensory play, to raising them in-home, to laying the ground work for potty training and more; the puppies leave her home ready to be fantastic companions. I received daily updates, photos, and videos and Amber patiently answered every single one of my questions (there were many!). The other puppies and the parents I met were curious, brave, snuggly, and full of their own unique personalities which further solidified to me how well cared for these dogs are. I saw a brief tear in her eye as I left her home, new puppy in tow, and we touch base every few days to talk about Winnie's progress. She has a whole community of owners on her Facebook page to keep in touch and share their bulldogges with others. She not only builds relationships with her puppies, but their owners as well, which was incredibly comforting as I navigated the new territory of dog ownership. 
     I sign off with sweet Winnie snoring in my lap, and looking forward to the years to come with her by my side. Thank you B&B Bulldogges and Amber for all that you have done and will continue to do for your pups and their owners. -Kelsey R. 


     My wife and I spent a few weeks researching the right dog for us. As we read more on English Bulldogs, we realized what we really wanted and needed was a healthier version. And so, we started to look for Olde English Bulldogges. 
We reached out to a few breeders, but from the first message to Amber, we felt confident that we had the right breeder. We loved that the doggo parents were both family pets in the house with kids around. This obviously spoke to the disposition of both sire and dame, and also to the early life experiences these pups were going to get. 
My first message to Amber came with a fast response, and within hours, we were on the phone. Amber is extremely generous with her time, and it is clear she is dedicated to providing the best for her dogs and their offspring. To hammer the point home, Amber ended up driving her pups to their new homes on the east coast for my family and another. She even brought us cheese curds!
     Fast forward a few months now, and I can say we have a well-adjusted, healthy pupper. She's GREAT with our 14 month old daughter, great with the nieces (3 and 7 years old), great with the remodeling crew in the house the last few weeks, out 9 year old golden retriever, other dogs, and acceptably good with the 3 cats. (Never aggressive, which is all we need from a puppy.) She's great in the crate, car, and on/off leash.
     We haven't regretted a day with Angelica; she's goofy, cuddly, and responsive. We are very thankful we have such a kind dog. She's adjusted so well as our newest member of the family. 
Thank you Amber for being so helpful through the process, all the photos, early training, and raising such great pups! -Cameron 


     I cannot emphasize enough how fantastic Amber is with her bulldogges and their puppies. We had just lost our 2nd English Bulldog, right before Christmas 2021, and were looking to "rebuild" our bulldog family.  In the midst of my grieving, I reached out to Amber by referral, with multiple questions about her experiences with Olde English Bulldogges.  She was so empathetic, knowledgeable, patient, and generous with her time, that I knew we would adopt from her 2022 litter.
I informed her that we had just adopted 1 Olde English puppy from a breeder on the east coast and we wanted a 2nd to complete our family. She provided many helpful insights about raising 2 puppies together and the benefits of doing so.
Amber went above and beyond with updates, pics, videos, etc of our chosen puppy, Brownie Parfait. She even delivered her to our home! The level of professionalism balanced with an astonishing amount of love and care for the pups, was more than anyone could ask for.
     We would absolutely recommend B&B Bulldogges to anyone looking to add an exceptionally raised and cared for Olde English Bulldogge pup! 
 ~Barbara & David


     We had been looking to add another four-legged friend to our family of 5 humans and 1 dog when we came across some Facebook posts about the capital litter from B&B Bulldogges.  With only 2 left in the litter, we decided to check them out.  We were so impressed after meeting Amber and her pups.  She was very open and knowledgeable in answering the questions we had.  Amber was so organized, she had the parents right there on site for us to meet and made us feel extremely comfortable with the process of adding Douglas (formally Denver) to our family.  When we brought him to the vet to get checked out, the vet commented they were impressed by the professionalism of Amber as a breeder as well!
     Since bringing Doug home, our kids (ages 7, 9, and 13) have, on more than one occasion, said how happy they are that we have Dougie, and we couldn't agree more! He is the cutest and sweetest little pup, and his big sister Juneau is loving him too! Thank you Amber and B&B Bulldogges for helping complete our family. We couldn't have made a better choice!