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Current Litter

Bella's third litter came January 25th; 7 beautiful, healthy puppies! She had four girls born back to back, and then three boys one right after another! Check here for updates about the little pups!

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Behind the Puppy Care!

We make a special whelping box with edging so that Bella does not accidentally lay on any of the babies, and we have placed a heating pad beneath the top layer so the puppies do not get cold! We also have raised textures beneath the top layer to try and prevent splayed swimmer legs! Puppies are sent to their new homes with food, leash, collar, lots of toys and a homemade blanket with Mom's smell! They all will go through ENS training from days 3-16; studies show ENS training makes puppies much smarter and healthier!

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Previous Litters

Bella had 5 perfect puppies in her first litter, and another 5 in litter number two!

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